About us - Camp Riverside 2600 Bed and Breakfast, Baguio

We aim to offer unique accomodations to people who want to experience a different side of Baguio. Started in 2016, we slowly built the property using mostly recycled materials. Its a joy to spot them all and figure out what they used to be before being integrated into what you see now. As of this writing, we offer the following accommodations: FOUR Tiny Houses inspired by minimalist living which are loft types. Each have its own private toilet. Each Tiny house can host 2-4pax and a child. Bontoc Mansion - a larger accommodation that is carved out from the side of the mountain giving modern cave vibes. The two bunk beds are made out of recycled electric posts. This is the only unit that comes with a kitchen. Best for bigger groups and can host 6-8pax. Apayao Suites - if you are looking for a more cozy vibe with large picture windows overlooking the river then these accommodations are for you. This can host 2pax per suite and there are 2 suites available. Kubo Glamping Huts - looking to experience something closer to nature? Then this accommodation is for you! These Kubos are patterned after the traditional Cordilleran houses used by our ancestors. Amazingly, we were able to preserve one right in the property. This original house has been travelled down from the mountains of Ifugao and is estimated to be around 100years old (which you may book too)! Kubo 1 and 2 are the only accommodations that share common comfort rooms and have a space next to them where you can set up your own tent to really experience glamping under the stars. BANAUE VIEWPOINT - This unique accommodation offers one of the best views in the whole Camp and can host upto 6 persons. Inspired by the native people of the Cordilleras, the Igorot tribes, which comes from the root word golot, which means "mountain," Igorot, or Igolot, literally means people from the mountains. This accommodation showcases the art and craftmanship which the Igorots are famous for. From the native rustic interiors, the skillful stone work of the cabin, to the veranda that offers a stunning view of the river and surrounding foliage giving credence to its namesake, the Banaue Viewpoint MT DATA APARTMENTS - this accommodation is located in the highest point of Camp Riverside. Can comfortably fit 4-6 pax. Comes with a 45" Smart TV, balcony with an overlooking view and Wifi! Perfect for the family who wants to stay in. Located a floor above the Montanosa parking lot. Please inform us if you have seniors in your party. Recommended accommodations for Seniors with difficulty walking up steps are the TINY HOUSES and BANAUE VILLA. (These are our most senior friendly accomdations.) Although we are located 8kms from the city center, we aim to give you a unique Baguio experience that will surely be one for the books! We hope to host you soon! COMING SOON! DANGWA BUS -



Early Check-in and Late Check-out are subject to availability  and is subject to P100.00 per hour. Please inform us so we may check ahead of time.

Our standard check-in is 2pm and check-out on 12 noon. Only if there are no prior guests the day before we can allow check-in as early as 12 noon free of charge. Please coordinate with us the day prior. Should you require check-in earlier than that of 12 noon and there are no guests prior this incurs a P100 per hour charge. Same conditions apply for late check-out, beyond 12 pm is allowed only if there are no guests following your stay and would incure P100 per hour charge.

Check-in 2:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM
Booking cancellation

Cancellations can be made only within 24 hours after booking.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations after such time are no longer refundable. Guests can opt only to reschedule a stay but would be subject to the new rates but not less than the rates at the time of booking and to the availability of the new date/s selected for the stay.